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Harnessing Energy from the Elements

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

As we focus more and more on energy efficiency in the homes we build and live in, it’s astonishing to see the progress of products that were once considered impractical that are now going mainstream. For many homeowners in Kansas City, reducing dependence on the energy grid and saving money are big concerns, so we thought we’d share a couple tidbits we were intrigued about and expect to be seeing in the news with more frequency in upcoming weeks.

A Mighty Wind
Don’t you love those really windy days in Kansas City? If you don’t now, you probably would if you could harness the power from the wind to significantly offset the costs of powering your home air conditioner and appliances. Wind energy and residential wind turbines are starting to go mainstream and is definitely something you should watch for.  According to the American Wind Energy Association you could potentially cut your home electricity bill by as much as 50-90%. They have a great article online about the basics of wind energy and the practical answers for what it takes to build and install a wind turbine at a residential property. A residential wind turbine from SkyStream We happen to love the idea of a way to create energy without pollution that is easily sustainable and great for the environment and you. While it may not be the right answer if you live in a densely populated area, for those of you with enough land to support a personal wind tower we think it’s an investment you may want to keep your eye on.  As it goes more mainstream we expect to see the costs involved installation to go down and for the products to improve which ultimately makes the quality of life for everyone so much better!

Let the Sun Shine On!
Solar energy is not new by any means but with new innovations in ways to incorporate solar cells into the structure of your home, we think this is another trend to keep an eye on if you are looking to be kind to the planet and your pocketbook by using natural and sustainable resources to power your home and your lifestyle.

Tegolasolare solar roof tiles

While the solar roof tiles of the past left a bit to be desired in the design and aesthetics department, we always hoped someone would come up with a solution that combined the ability to capture solar energy while still looking good.  These new roof tiles with integrated solar cells seem to fit the bill and what a refreshing alternative to the traditional panels we’ve seen. Of course there are lots of ways to tap into the power of the sun even if you’re not ready for a rooftop installation.  There are several companies offering outdoor accent lighting and even fountains that are solar powered.  It’s a great way to ease yourself into using sustainable resources in your home and we think that being earth conscious is an important facet of everyday life which is why we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the latest innovations that make our lives and our planet a better place to live!

Getting to know Joseph Lane Homes

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

We know there are a lot of builders who claim to include plenty of extras in the homes that they build, but at Joseph Lane we are a big believer in making sure our homes go above and beyond your expectations for the price you pay.  In Kansas City’s Northland we have a wonderful neighborhood called BarryBrooke which is tucked just off of MO 152 Highway and North Brighton with homes that start in the upper $100′s. Typically in this price point you can expect to find a great house but without a lot of upgrades, or if there are any upgrades you’ll definitely see that reflected in the price.  We aren’t really fans of making things complicated, we simply want to build really good homes for really good people which is why we go the extra mile to include so many extras.

Our company takes pride in the homes we build and making them extra special is part of how we do business. For instance, our homes at BarryBrooke have a pretty fantastic list of features that come standard including deep sinks, rubbed bronze fixtures, granite countertops, garage door openers, 90% efficient furnace, Huge walk-in tiled showers in the master, 14SEER air conditioning units, free humidifier, 6″ furnace filters, deadbolt locks on exterior doors. One of the most surprising things is that the only flooring you’ll find in our homes is either wood, tile, carpet etc. but the one thing you won’t find is vinyl.  Those are just some of the details we pay attention to so that you can move into your new home knowing that everything is all ready to go. You don’t have to spend time and money a year or two later to upgrade your kitchen countertops to granite or tile that vinyl floor because we have already taken care of it for you!

In Kansas City’s recovering housing market, most people are shocked when we tell them at BarryBrooke alone we have sold 46 houses in a little over two years and we’re still going strong. It’s a testament to solid foundation that we’ve built our company upon. We are still going strong, still building and we plan to be around for years to come simply because we love what we do and we stand by our work. We know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times but we truly are a builder you can count on. If you take some time and browse our website, you can learn more about how we do business, what our follow up is like and if you’re in the market for a new home in Kansas City, we hope you’ll check out our homes and see for yourself why a Joseph Lane Home would be perfect for you!